"Treatment Facial" (CC BY 2.0) by Zenspa1

When experiencing a facial a Z Senspa, an esthetician will perform a total skin analysis to determine your specific skin type. Once complete, the esthetician will be able to create a unique facial experience that addresses your skin’s needs.

The benefits of any facial include increasing cell metabolism to improve overall tone and texture, slowing down premature aging by using custom products, prolonging the appearance of wrinkles, increased circulation, and improved skin hydration. Your esthetician softens the skin with steam, hot towels, and exfoliants all in tandem with the proper selection of skin care products/ingredients to achieve the best results for you and your skin.

The facial treatments we offer are designed to accommodate your specific skin type and are completely customized the day you arrive.


  • 45 minutes: $75
  • 75 minutes: $95
  • 105 minutes: $120

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